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At Parent Info Night this year one of my new parents was not quite aware of how much learning Kindergarteners do in 2011.  I wrote about the encounter in my post Inspiration (which I just accidentily reblogged but didn’t understand how to add what I wanted to add) .

Well today was Kindergarten Awards & Graduation.  The same parent came up to me after the award ceremony and handed me a beautiful flower lei to wear during Graduation.  I asked him if his mom made it, but no, it had been shipped directly from Hawaii.  The little girl had one on too.  After the graduation ceremony the dad came up to me again and said, “At the beginning of the year I didn’t understand what Kindergarten is and I think I offended you.  When I saw my daughter’s writing from the first day of Kindergarten and the last day, I cried.  Thank you so much for all you do.”


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Retrograde Learning

“It’s just Kindergarten don’t they just play?”

Ummmmmmmm. “NO.”

When I explained what my students learn in preparation for first grade – reading, writing, math, geography, history, science and so much more – I heard, “Oh well I know you went to college and all.”

Ummmmmmmm. “Yes. As a matter of fact I have my Masters in Literacy Instruction.”

And then one more slipped out, “Oh well I know you went to college.”

Ummmmmmmm. Yes. Yes I did. And actually I majored in mathematics. My first career was in actuarial science.”


I’m pretty used to this by now, but I can’t help but find it insulting. My parents thought I was wasting my private school education by becoming a teacher and leaving the actuarial profession.  And when I’m in social situations, the standard response when I tell people I teach Kindergarten is, “Oh. How cute.”

Yes, my students are…

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