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We went to Borders yesterday. Most titles were 50% off so I figured it was worth perusing the stacks. OK. Peruse is probably not the appropriate word. Scavenge. Yes, I felt more like a scavenger than my usual bookshelf perusing self.

Not wanting to be like Augustus Gloop gorging on chocolate, I decided to focus.

Me: Who is my favorite author?
Myself: Why, I thought you’d never ask. It’s Jane Austen of course.
Me: Don’t you own copies of all her works already?
Myself: Yes, yes I do. But aren’t these such pretty editions and the print in mine is so small and smudgy.

Me: Then what are those other three books?
Myself: Well, those are Jane Austen fanfiction.
Me: I think you have a problem…

Hello. My name is Jennifer and I’m an Austen-aholic.


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It is hot.

Oppressively hot.

A hot so heavy and thick you can cut with a knife.

An I can barely breathe outside hot.

 Too hot to even go to the pool.

Let’s go to the bookstore!

Fortunately or unfortunately the only bookstore in town is a Borders. Apparently going out of business means they can no longer afford air conditioning. It was almost as hot in the store as the 100 degrees outside. We didn’t last very long in the over-crowded stuffy store, but we did manage to find some good books.

I started reading Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand last weekend. I haven’t gotten very far. It’s a lovely read and I am enjoying it, but the pace seems slow.

I rarely stop reading a book once I have started unless I truly hate it. There are just too many books out there to read a book I do not enjoy. I don’t have a certain number of pages I will read before deciding. Usually by the third or fourth chapter I am either completely hooked or I will continue even if I don’t love it. On that rare occasion that I really truly can’t stand the book, I will just stop. Sometimes I will, however, pause a book. I want to read the book, I’m just not in the mood for it at that moment. I’ll come back to it in a week or two, maybe even a few months. I’ll read Major Pettigrew sometime in the future. I’m just not ready for it right now.

Summer reading should be quick and easy. Books that draw you in and you’re half way done before you finish your iced coffee. So I found a little light reading for these crazy hot days. I think I’ll start with Return to Sullivans Island since it’s a summertime story. Plus, I’m feeling a little homesick for Nantucket. I know it’s a different island in the Atlantic and that’s what makes the selection even better.



I’m still at my parents house on Bittersweet Lane. So tonight I’ll curl up in the air conditioned bedroom of my childhood and lose myself in books bought at Borders.

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