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Cow Creamer Secrets

A few months ago my boys and I were shopping in Target when I saw the cutest little cow creamers. I never wanted or needed a cow creamer before (you actually have to entertain to need a creamer), but I really liked this cow creamer. For the next few weeks whenever we were in Target we’d walk by the display noticing the ever dwindling herd.

My younger son (YS) began: Mom just buy it.

Me: But I am really trying to not buy things I don’t need. Our house is cluttered enough we don’t need to add a cow creamer.

YS: Just buy it. You like it. There’s only two left!

Me: Nope. We don’t need it.

YS: Mom you really like it… I know, I’ll buy it for you! Can I buy it for you?  It can be for Valentine’s Day.

Me: Baby, that’s really sweet, but I really don’t need a cow creamer no matter how much I like it.

He was truly crushed that I wouldn’t let him buy me the cow creamer. I felt so horrible for disappointing him, I almost let him buy it for me. But I didn’t. I was trying to set an example – we shouldn’t buy everything we like. It’s not just a matter of money.

I kept thinking about my disappointed little boy, who just wanted to do something nice for me.

The next day I went back to Target by myself and bought the very last cow creamer. I stashed it in the back of my closet figuring I could give it to my husband to give to my son to give to me for Mother’s Day. Did you follow that?

Well, I stashed the little cow so well I completely forgot about her until the other day.

We were driving to Barnes & Noble and my younger son was with me. NPR was on the radio and the announcer mentioned that the date was July 26th.

YS: Oh no! I didn’t get you a birthday present yet. Can I buy you a book?

Me: No. It’s OK. You don’t have to buy me a book.

YS: No, mom I really want to buy you a book.

Me: No. I’s OK baby. You don’t have to buy me a book.

Sound familiar? Well, it did for me too! When we got home I looked in the back of my closet and found the cow creamer jumbled in a mess of wool sweaters I never wear. But before I tell you what happened with the cow creamer let me share this dialogue from inside Barnes & Noble.

YS: Mom, do we have any bananas?

Me: No. We didn’t buy any the other day.

YS: Do we have any frozen bananas?

Me: Yes.

YS: Do we have what we need to make banana muffins?

Me: I think so.

He stops to think for a minute. I know exactly where he is going with this. YS loves to make homemade banana muffins by himself. He uses the muffin recipe in my Moosewood Restaurant Cookbook.

YS: Do you think I could make coffee?

Me (smiling inside): I guess, why?

YS: Oh nothing.

That night as my husband and I went to bed I told him that YS was planning to make me breakfast in the morning for my birthday.

Husband: Great.

Me: Can you please help him?

Husband: As long as it’s early.

Me: Oh and can you give him this cow creamer to give to me. He really wanted to get me a present and was sad he didn’t have anything.

Husband: OK. I guess.

On the morning of my birthday I awoke to the most wonderful smell of banana muffins baking. I wish I could make this a scratch & sniff post. Not wanting to ruin the surprise, I stayed in bed reading.

YS poked his head in to see if I was awake. He saw me reading and said, “OK. Stay there I have breakfast ready for you and I have to start the coffee (my husband actually measured out the coffee and YS turned the coffee machine ON). Do you want a regular mug or your big huge mug?” I giggled. He’s so darn cute. “The big mug please,” I said.

He brought me a dinner plate with three small muffins.

YS: The coffee is ready.  Do you want cream in it?

Me: Yes, please. I just bought some yesterday.

When he came back upstairs he was grinning from ear to ear. He was carefully carrying my coffee mug in one hand and in the other hand he was holding the cow creamer with cream.

Beaming. Excited. Proud.

My sweet little boy made me breakfast in bed served with the cow creamer I admired five months before and he had wanted to buy for me. It was the best breakfast I ever had.

Over dinner that night I mentioned how much I loved my cow creamer and how I couldn’t believe YS remembered that I had liked it. He looked straight at my husband with a knowing smile – he and dad had their own little secret. And unless my sweet little boy ever reads this blog, I’ll never tell him mine.


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