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Ode to Cool Whip III

You put the lime in the cocoanut and drink it all up…

I thought I would do a repeat of my first Cool Whip dessert – which was festively red, white & blue – for the Fourth of July, but I decided to try a new twist.

The leftover Lemon Pie from last week was consumed vulture style – kids and adults swooping in to break off bits of graham cracker crust then scooping up the melted lemony fluff.  This gave me the idea to make a Cool Whip dip!  Plus, a dip would be easier and more fun to eat on the beach!

I followed the same basic recipe for the Lemon Pie, except this time I substituted frozen limeade for the lemonade for two reasons.  I couldn’t find yellow lemonade at the Stop & Shop and I wanted something a little bit different from the other night.

I mixed the whole concoction in Tupperware which I could easily close, pop into the freezer for a while, and then transport to the beach for our big Fourth of July celebration.  Since I was assigned s’mores duty I brought an extra box of graham crackers for dipping.  I also cut up fresh strawberries since we have a few wheat-free individuals.

The dip had melted to a perfect consistency – soft enough to scoop up a big blob without it dripping all over your hand.  We experimented as well.  Cape Cod Potato Chips and Frozen Limeade Dip is awesome.  Tortilla chips and Frozen Limeade Dip is not.

A green so pale it is barely distinguishable

Texture so creamy it makes your mouth smile

The lime so sweet with the hint of tart

Successful Cool Whip dessert number three


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