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An ode to Cool Whip

Yesterday I made two pies

Cream cheese, Cool Whip, powdered sugar, and vanilla

Blended with a mixer older than me

Scooped into graham cracker crusts

Topped with fresh island berries

Eat less dinner

Consume more pie!

Homemade whipped cream is absolutely sublime – a heavenly blend of the most basic, real ingredients.  Cream.  Powdered sugar. Vanilla.   However, I’ve killed as many batches of real whipped cream as I’ve made.  I over whipped.  I under whipped.  I added too much vanilla.  I didn’t add enough sugar.  The cream wasn’t cold enough.  The bowl wasn’t cold enough.  The cream wasn’t fresh.  It just wouldn’t whip!

Cool Whip, on the other hand,  just requires you to cut off the plastic wrapper and open the tub. Voila!

According to Wikipedia, from 1967 until 2010 the only thing dairy about Cool Whip was the sodium caseinate.  In fact it was called a nondairy topping.  Starting last year, skim milk and light cream were added to the recipe, but the amounts are pretty minimal considering the first four ingredients are water, hydrogenated vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, and corn syrup.  Well, at least water is a naturally occurring substance…

Cool Whip allows you to make quick, easy, and fun desserts.  My pies last night were perfect for a summer evening.

Yesterday was an amazing beach day – the sun was warm and shining bright, a blue cloudless sky, the water was a perfect temperature, the kids were busy and more importantly not driving me crazy.  We savored every last minute on the beach, reluctantly leaving around 6:00. As we drove home I began to panic – we had to be at our friend’s house for dinner at 7 and I was bringing dessert which I hadn’t even started yet!  Thanks to my tub of Cool Whip, the pies were made and in the refrigerator before the kids were done with their showers. OK, so it wasn’t the healthiest of desserts but it sure was yummy!

So I have decided that this shall be the summer of Cool Whip using recipes found  online as well as experimenting on my own.

Cool Whip is yummy

A dairy topping sort of

It makes good desserts


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