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Quirky Eggs

There are so many quirky things that I love about Nantucket. Comparing Take It or Leave It treasures found while at the dump. Getting soaked at the beach without going in the water as the fog rolls ashore. Watching funny creatures like horseshoe crabs scurry across the ocean floor. Buying (and devouring) yummy Portuguese bread from the Bake Shop. Walking awkwardly over cobblestones as we cross the street in town. Drinking vanilla cokes from the lunch counter. Eating blueberry pancakes at the Downyflake. The list goes on and on. I added a new one yesterday morning – eating eggs from a lumber store.

Two days ago the weather was iffy for the beach and the kids needed some time apart from each other. My mother-in-law wanted to go on safari and my oldest son wanted to go swimming. We sent our oldest to the beach with friends and then my husband, myself, and my youngest piled into the truck with my mother-in-law. Before we went on our adventure through the undeveloped areas of Nantucket, my mother-in-law made us stop at the lumber store for eggs.  She had heard from a neighbor that you could purchase farm-fresh eggs at Island Lumber on Polpis Road and she wanted to check it out.

We drove to the lumber store and I was sent to purchase the eggs.  I wasn’t quite sure where one would find eggs in a lumber store since eggs just don’t fit under the usual categories – paint, pipes, hardware, lumber. I walked in thinking perhaps they also sold beverages for their customers and there would be a refrigerated case. I looked around but didn’t see a refrigerated case or any other place conducive for holding farm-fresh eggs. Trying hard not to sound like a complete idiot I asked the girl behind the cash register. She pointed to the other end of the counter where I saw a stack of egg cartons and a container that said, “Eggs $4.”  I put my four dollars into the container, grabbed my carton of eggs and walked out giggling to myself – I just bought eggs at the lumber store!

So here is the carton of eggs (minus the two I made for breakfast yesterday morning). I love how they are different colors and sizes, so very different from eggs purchased at the grocery store. I made my sunny-side up eggs and some Portuguese toast.

The yolks were a gorgeous rich yellow color, almost bright orange. I couldn’t believe how wonderful these eggs tasted. Fresh. Flavorful. Phenomenal. From now on I’m going to Island Lumber for eggs on Nantucket!

This was the best breakfast I have had all summer. Well, except for those blueberry pancakes at the Downyflake – those are pretty hard to beat.


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