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When I Am a Mac, I Shall Wear Black*

An Ode to Steve Jobs

When I am a Mac, I shall wear black

a black turtle neck with jeans and tennis shoes.

And I shall spend time finding apps and accessories

and upgrades, and drink copious amounts of coffee.

I shall settle myself in a coffee shop when my battery runs low

and check my email

and listen to thousands of songs on iTunes

and make masterpieces on iMovie

and read Jane Austen on iBooks.

I shall have internet wherever I go

and dare to create on my Mac.


Thank you,  Steve Jobs for everything.  We will miss your inspiration, your innovation, your out of the box thinking. My life was so much better once I was a Mac and not a PC.

Go to www.stevejobsday2011.com for information about a day of remembrance.


*Poem based on the wonderful poem Warning by Jenny Joseph


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